“Who allowed ?!”, – Pro-OCU media reacted painfully to the forum of robbed communities of the UOC

The gathering of parishioners and clergy of the UOC, who suffered from the raider actions of the OCU, in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, became an occasion for painful reactions in the expert circles of the OCU, where it is customary to talk about “mass transitions of believers from the Moscow Patriarchate.” In particular, the Tserkvarium website reacted in a similar way.

“The UOC-MP has gathered a forum in the Refectory Church of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. However, legally, the UOC-MP uses only the Lower Lavra on a lease basis, and the Upper one belongs and is in full use of the National Kiev-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Reserve. Accordingly, for the use of religious buildings, be it The Church of the Assumption, or the Refectory Church, or the Lavra Bell Tower, requires approval / permission / agreement of the reserve.And here the question arises – was this forum agreed at all? Because, knowing the character of Metropolitan Paul and Anthony, they could have ignored it.

“The fact is that this forum does not fall under the definition of “carrying out religious activities.” In fact, it is a conference or a round table. Usually, religious organizations are coordinated to conduct religious activities in religious buildings (temples) belonging to the state. So, if you have agreed on“ religious activities ” “Then the forum was again held illegally. Well, if, nevertheless, the management of the reserve allowed the forum to be held. Then who will be responsible for this? After all, as a result of this forum, a number of anti-Ukrainian, including political statements (like demands for the President of Ukraine to submit several bills for consideration by the Verkhovna Rada). This means that someone must bear political responsibility for this,” the “experts” claimed.

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