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Until 1998, the UOC-KP had been using myrrh from the ROC, – hierarch of the OCU

Former representative of the UOC-KP (now – the OCU) Dymytriy Rudyuk said that in the “Kyiv Patriarchate” until 1998 they had been using used myrrh. Ex-exarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Filaret Denisenko had this myrrh since the time of his being in the canonical Church. This is reported by Detector.

“The fact that we do not cook myrrh – in order to cook it, one must have a place. This is a complicated procedure. It’s not in pans. It is necessary to have all the ingredients. About myrrh – in 1998 I received the task from the patriarch to write an article. Then the patriarchy first brewed myrrh. Before he was Exarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, he had myrrh. It ended in 1998,” recalls Dymytriy Rudyuk.

“I saw how it was poured, three-liter jars. And then there was the procedure of cooking in the library. And we had 10 more of these components than in the Moscow Patriarchate. We have carefully prepared, all the oils, all the potions. It was no secret, everyone was watching.

I think any bishop can cook it. It is now reduced to the head of the Church. But for me, for example, it is quite normal that Constantinople gives it us,” the OCU representative adds.

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