The “expert” of the OCU told what a threat to Ukraine is the processions of the cross and prayers of the UOC

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Religious scholar Oleksandr Yefremenko sees a great threat to Ukraine in processions and mass prayers, which they talk about in the UOC when they compare possible attacks on the Church with the situation in Montenegro, DF reports.

“On February 22, I published a message about the forum of “victims of persecution” in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, calling it a holiday of lies and hypocrisy under the dome of the Moscow Patriarchate. Based on the available information, I assumed that even before the start of the forum itself, appeals had already been prepared, which the ROC would use in the future for stories “what a bad Ukrainian state” and what a “persecuted Russian Church in Ukraine”. At the same time, the main emphasis was placed on the fact that the main goal of the forum should be to disrupt the visit of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I to Ukraine to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence,” Yefremenko writes.

The expert also sees the thesis “what a bad Ukrainian state” and “threats” to President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky from the UOC, for some reason not seeing them in periodic aggressive statements towards Zelensky from the OCU.

In particular, the expert is worried that the speaker of the UOC, Archpriest Mykolai Danylevych, said that he was ready to bring 20 million of his believers to anti-government protests, as was the case in Montenegro.

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