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  5. “They call me honorable, but dishonor to the whole world”, – Head of the UOC KP about the OCU

“They call me honorable, but dishonor to the whole world”, – Head of the UOC KP about the OCU

The head of the UOC-KP liquidated in Ukraine, Filaret Denisenko, during a press conference on February 25, 2021, told about his current relationship with the OCU, in which Filaret continues to be called the “honorary patriarch.”

“They call it honorable, but dishonor the whole world. This is the honorable one,” explained 92-year-old Filaret Denisenko.

He also reminded once again that he refused to be involved in the OCU tomos, since the representatives of the Church of Constantinople “deceived us with this tomos.”

“Poroshenko demanded that I renounce the primacy. I asked him what would happen to me, and he says that you, as you led the church, will continue to govern. And the metropolitan, whom I nominated for the post of primate, he will represent the metropolitanate before other Orthodox churches. Metropolitan Epiphanius was present at this agreement. What should I have done in such conditions? ”- asks Denisenko.

Regarding the situation with the vicariate of the UOC-KP in the USA and Canada, the head of the “Kiev Patriarchate” said that part of the clergy, being under the influence of “Archbishop” Evstratii Zori, left the UOC-KP and is now outside any jurisdiction, because the OCU has no right to contact with parishes abroad. “He deceived the rectors and parishes, he says, we will accept you, you must leave the UOC-KP. They believed him. Why are you telling a lie? Now there is division, this is the result of Zorya’s activities,” Filaret said about his former pupil.

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