Diaspora of the UOC-KP continues to discuss its ecclesiastical jurisdiction

Representatives of the diaspora of the former UOC-KP continue to discuss their church jurisdiction. Mostly it is a question of whether it was legitimate on the part of the OCU supporters to announce the transfer of the vicariate of the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan under the jurisdiction of “metropolitan” Epiphany Dumenko, if contacts with parishes outside of Ukraine are directly prohibited to him from Istanbul.

“Yes, you can vote for anything. Because we in Europe also voted in 2019 for belonging to the OCU, but since this was not possible then, and until now nothing has changed, we stayed with our Patriarch. Before the local council (June 20, 2019), it was still possible to think about this, because even if the Patriarchate of Constantinople allowed it to belong to the OCU, then in this case the consent of the patriarch would be required, since he was and remains the managing bishop of all foreign parishes. According to the rules of the Church, neither believers nor the clergy, can change their jurisdiction without permit. A letter of leave is always needed. And having left their bishop voluntarily, according to the apostolic rules and the rules of the ecumenical councils, all your clergy lost their dignity, that is, they became simply laymen, like the believers,” explained Volodymyr Chaika, dean of the European deanery of the UOC-KP in Europe, to the representative of the American diaspora, John Jaresko.

In his turn, one of the representatives of the former parishes of Filaret in the United States wrote on Facebook that the current leader of the vicariate of the UOC-KP, which declared his staying with the “patriarch”, should remove this parish from the list of communities of the vicariate.

“Remove our Church from the KP Vicariate Holy Trinity 7777 Ridge Rd Parma Ohio 44129, we are staying with our Mother Orthodox Church Of Ukraine And Metropolitan Epiphany, And all the Diaspora is staying with Metropolitan Epiphany”, wrote Facebook user Walter Dolbin.

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