The OCU organized another one provocation in Mikhalcha

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Today, the renovators of the OCU again started a provocation near the church in honor of the Dormition of the Mother of God in the village of Mikhalcha of the Storozhinets deanery. They deliberately left the tent and approached the stone cross, took out the flag (after all, without it, God does not hear the renovators), started the glossolalia in Ukrainian.

Also, the renovators of the OCU began to repel the priest of the UOC Sergei.

In their actions it is clear that this is pure provocation. The OCU renovators understand that it is boring for them to “pray” and wait for a court decision in a tent. They are constantly looking for some kind of action, it’s all because they don’t receive the grace of the Holy Spirit. They will not find the Holy Spirit in the church, because their “priest” has no grace.

Diocese of the UOC in Chernivtsi-Bukovina

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