The meeting of the Synod of the GOC ended. Main Topics – David Gareji and vaccination

The meeting of the Holy Synod of the Georgian Orthodox Church (GOC) has ended. The head of the public relations service of the patriarchate, Archpriest Andriya Jagmaidze said that the minutes of the meeting would be published in a few hours, Echo Kavkaza reports.

He said that the members of the Synod discussed the issue of the David-Gareji monastery complex, the topic of vaccination, and also assessed some issues “from a moral point of view.”

Note that all members of the Synod were tested for coronavirus the day before. Talking about vaccination of the population against COVID-19, some clerics said that it should be voluntary.

“Those who are vaccinated will not be declared enemies of God and the people,” said Metropolitan of Akhalkalaki and Kumurdoy Nikoloz (Pachuashvili).

In parallel with the meeting of the synod, the brother of the convicted archpriest Georgy Mamaladze, Tornike Mamaladze, staged a protest action. He says that his brother has been “Bidzina Ivanishvili’s personal prisoner” for four years now.

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