Theу threaten to ban UOC as soon as it refuses to perform the political tasks of the authorities, – Metropolitan Kliment

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When the authorities chose the open confrontation with the UOC, it had been always a sign of its approaching political crash? the head of the Synodal Information and Educational Department of the UOC, Metropolitan Nezhinsky and Prilutsky Kliment said in an interview to “Strana”.

“In practically all periods of modern history, the authorities, to one degree or another, wanted to influence the Church in order to make it a mouthpiece for voicing their political ideas. It has already happened more than once that when our Church refused to serve the political tasks of the authorities, threats were said in its address to take away, prohibit, cancel, etc. But if we look at all the cases when the authorities chose fopen confrontation with the UOC, then we saw that immediately this became a sign of their approaching political catastrophe,” the hierarch explained.

According to him, this was the case during the time of president Yushchenko, this was the case before president Poroshenko left.

“The UOC, despite all the attempts of its enemies, remains the largest religious organization in our country. Its believers are defenseless in the secular sense of the word. In Ukraine, they cannot fully rely on the protection of the court or law enforcement agencies. This often tempts politicians. They think the Church is easy to influence. But politicians, being for the most part unbelievers or little church people, overlook the main church factor – God. It was He who saved the Church even from Stalin’s terror. So those who want to fight with our Church will have to surpass such a historical character, ”said Metropolitan Clement.

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