The “second wave” of UOC church seizures is prepared before the arrival of Patriarch Bartholomew

Ukrainian officials are preparing for the arrival of Patriarch Bartholomew, who by his actions spreads discord, enmity and hatred everywhere and everywhere. Blogger Alexander Voznesensky writes about this in his Telegram channel.

“And now it is reported that before his arrival in Ukraine, officials suddenly began to urgently collect information about different communities of the UOC. We can probably talk about preparing a second wave of seizures of temples. Actually, earlier Epiphany Dumenko pointed out that he hopes for the resumption of “transitions” immediately after the relaxation of antiquarian measures.

Apparently, before the arrival of Patriarch Bartholomew, officials and schismatics want to show a picture in the media that his arrival did not bring anger and enmity, but the rise of spiritual strength – they say so many parishes, in joy, “passed” to the SCU. Life in Ukraine has long become a false mirror, and the life of schismatics in Ukraine is precisely a satanic false mirror, where evil is called good,” Voznesensky said.

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