UOC Hierarch: Legalization of weapons will turn Ukraine into a Klondike of impunity

In Ukraine, where the law enforcement system is paralyzed, legalization of weapons will give criminals an even greater sense of impunity than now. This is confirmed by the recent attacks on priests in Zaporozhye, says Metropolitan of Zaporozhye and Melitopol Luke (Kovalenko) in his Telegram channel.

“Who would be able to buy these weapons? Obviously not the people who really need protection, at least some of it. Anyone who can buy it will be able to purchase any solution they need. What are the MPs trying to achieve? So that our country becomes a Klondike for those who go and shoot people and escape punishment?”

Metropolitan Luke states, that in the situation showing of a paralysis of the law enforcement system legalization of weapons will give criminals an even greater sense of impunity, which became evident from the attacks on priests in Zaporozhye,.

“In the street anyone who wants to can simply pass by and stab a priest in the head, as it happened with our priests. And they know that they will get away unpunished”.

In January in Zaporozhye two UOC priests were attacked and injured. The local diocese considers these incidents as the trend of discrimination against the church and UOC believers.

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