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  5. The Archdiocese of the SOC in Macedonia criticized the Phanar for its invasion of Ukraine

The Archdiocese of the SOC in Macedonia criticized the Phanar for its invasion of Ukraine

The Ohrid Orthodox Archdiocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church, headed by Archbishop John (Vranishkovsky), within the publication of the calendar for 2021, issued an appeal in which the actions of the Patriarchate of Constantinople were criticized.

As it is, the Ohrid Archdiocese is the only canonical Orthodox jurisdiction in North Macedonia, where the so-called “the Macedonian Orthodox Church” also exists, being in schism and supported by the authorities.

In this address of the Archdiocese is said: “In our time, unfortunately, we are witnessing attempts to violate the Unity of the Orthodox Church. The first seat of the local Church, the Patriarchate of Constantinople, placed itself above the character of the Church and took for granted the right to be first not only in honor (a right that, of course, no one disputes), but first and in absolute power (a right that it is not given by the conciliar fullness of the Church). Its unilateral decision to accept into liturgical celebration several ignorant, schismatic organizations from Ukraine, and without the consent of the local canonical Church and without pan-Orthodox consent on such a decision, obviously did not provide the desired solution to the schism. On the contrary, such an anti-canonical act of the Patriarchate of Constantinople has provoked sharp opposition from other local Orthodox Churches, opposition that not only does not subside, but is intensifying.”

The message expresses the confidence that with God’s help the Church will overcome the current temptations. Meanwhile, the authorities of North Macedonia are trying to regulate the status of local schismatics and obtain “autocephaly” from the Patriarchate of Constantinople.


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