During the last year the European deanery of the UOC-KP doubled its parishes

Not only in Ukraine, but also in Germany during 2020 the members of the eliminated “Patriarchate of Kyiv” struggled for their right to exist and to be legally registered. Despite this, its European deanery enlarged from three parishes to seven ones in 7 European countries and to five clergymen, as informs Deanery`s page in facebook.

“In Spain, the parish received a priest, and with him the possibility of regular services. In Italy, our priest built a chapel. They plan its opening in the nearest future. In Austria, a parish with an abbot has joined us. Representative places of the European Dean’s Office have been opened in Belgium and Luxembourg, and it is planned to open a parish in Holland and one more in Germany”, the message says.

Also, the representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora in Europe note that despite the European bans on holding services, the UOC-KP communities in these countries served on Easter.

“In Europe, practically all churches have stopped their worship. Practically no Orthodox church in Germany has served the Easter Liturgy this year, has not consecrated Easter, has not received Holy Communion, Christ’s Mysteries. Faith and the Church have become an unimportant factor in life. But we did not stop praying… although with difficulties due to harsh hygiene conditions, we served the Easter Liturgy and celebrated Easter”, summed up the year the European Deanery of the UOC-KP.

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