Supporters of the UOC-KP came under the Prosecutor General’s Office to protest against their liquidation

The supporters of the Kyiv Patriarchate took part in a protest rally at the building of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine in protest against the liquidation of the UOC-KP. Lawyer of the UOC-KP Neonila Tkachenko informed this on Facebook.

The protesters claim that the authorities continue the policy of Petro Poroshenko regarding the cancellation of the registration of the Kyiv Patriarchate and accuse the OCU of raiding.

“The myths about the “canonical OCU” created by Poroshenko are dispelled as a result of numerous crimes aimed at freedom of conscience, property of the UOC KP religious association. The number of people who have understood the plan of the founders of the Metropolis of Constantinople is growing: the destruction of the Kyiv Patriarchate,” writes Tkachenko.

According to her, “the proof of the existence of this goal from the very beginning is the indisputable fact that the newly elected government continues the policy of the previous one” in relation to the UOC-KP.

A lawyer of the UOC-KP comments on the purpose of the action: “The General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine must answer the question: when will the criminals guilty of church raiding be punished?”

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