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“Those who call themselves the German deanery of the OCU are impostors”, – UOC-KP

The European Deanery of the UOC-KP again welcomed to return three former clerics of the Kyiv Patriarchate in Germany who refused to join the restored structure of Filaret. This was reported on the page of the deanery in facebook.

“The parishes that remained with the Patriarch are the only legitimate ones from the former European Exarchate in the aspect of ecclesiastical law. Those that call themselves the “German Deanery of the OCU” are self-appointed and have no legitimate connection with the Church; neither with the OCU, nor with the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and now not with its current bishop, “honorary” Patriarch Filaret”, is said.

It is mentioned that after the creation of the European Deanery, Paul Ehinger was supposed to remain the Dean of the German as part of the European structure, since before the meeting of the Council of the Kyiv Patriarchate on June 20, 2019, “he did not give reasons for doubting his views. However, he did not accept the council’s decision and refused to come to the convened meeting of the European Deanery, which took place on June 30, 2019 in Cologne, like two other clerics of the deanery: Oleg Polyanko (Berlin parish) and Peter Bokanov (Frankfurt am Main parish).

“We are very surprised that, deliberately violating the rules of the Holy Church of Christ, the aforementioned former brothers in the worship, having no legal grounds for this, continue to consider themselves a “German deanery”, and no longer the Kyiv Patriarchate, but the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU). In what way, tell me, if the Tomos forbids? And if unofficially, what kind of legitimacy are we talking about? Here we recall that until now there has been and continues to exist only one “German Deanery” under the jurisdiction of Patriarch Filaret, which is now under the leadership of the Dean of Europe.

Once again we appeal to the former “fathers” who belonged to the German Deanery of the UOC-KP, with a request to return to the jurisdiction of their governing bishop, not to cause discord among Ukrainians abroad, because the days are wily and before the just judgment of God we will all answer, each according to his actions”, – urge the UOC-KP.

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