The authors of the claim against Poroshenko and Epiphany denied the lie about the “case for Tomos”

On June 19, on the Facebook page of the Believers of the Kyiv Patriarchate group, a video message from the Kyiv Patriarchate community in Odesa appeared. This parish is the initiator of the claim, according to which the SBI is investigating the actions of Petro Poroshenko in the religious field. Community from Odessa additionally denied the statements of the ex-leader that he was “held accountable for the Tomos.”

“Petro Poroshenko as an ex-president and politician is aware of the consequences of such sensational criminal proceedings. We want to refute the statement of Petro Poroshenko on the presentation of suspicion to him, allegedly “for the creation of the OCU.” The procedural action for the delivery of suspicion was carried out within the framework of the pre-trial investigation in the case on the statement of violations provided for in Art. 161 of the Criminal Code on violation of the equality of citizens depending on their religious beliefs,” the appeal says.

Lawyer of the Kyiv Patriarchate Neonila Tkachenko, who voiced the appeal, also noted that the UOC-KP community had gathered near their church, the entrance to which was blocked by private security.

“I want to show you the community, this is the vivid community of the Kyiv Patriarchate… Look at these shoulders that do not let us to our church, hired by a huckster so that we cannot enter our church, and this plaque – they have removed a legitimate plaque and hung a shameful sign of the Istanbul Patriarchate in Odessa,” Tkachenko recalled.

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