Epiphany will ask Phanar to permit vicariate in the USA, Canada and Japan to stay in the OCU

Canonical half-ukrainians in the sect of witnesses of the Istanbul certificate…

The Istanbul tomos for the OCU-SCU is no longer a “sacred document”, but a tongue that can be turned back. I can no longer hear the hysterical whining: the tomos will be withdrawn away.

As it turned out, Epiphany will write a letter to Patriarch Bartholomew of Istanbul with a request to make an exception and leave the vicariate in the USA, Canada and Japan as part of the OCU-SCU.

For, as you know, the Phanar Greeks decided to scoop up the Ukrainian diaspora with this cunning tomos.

With this letter, Epiphany once again proves that the OCU-SCU is not an independent, not autocephalous church, but a component in the structure of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

For even on the issues of the spiritual guardianship of Ukrainians, our brothers, you need to write to Istanbul and kneel down to ask for mercy from the citizen of Turkey, Bartholomew Archondonis.


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