In Topylysche, Volyn, a new clergyman has been appointed to replace the one who went into schism

The rector of the Holy Protection community of the UOC in the village of Hrybovytsya, Ivanychy district, Volyn region, archpriest Ihor Margita, whose parish suffered from a raider seizure back in 2015, was officially appointed rector in the village of Topylyshche. The UOC community of this settlement turned to the ruling bishop of the Volodymyr-Volyn diocese with a request to give a priest to the parish after archpriest Sergei Romanyuk, who served here, had gone to the OCU. This was reported by UOJ.

At first, another clergyman was sent to Topylyshche, but then father Igor was appointed here, and now he takes care of two parishes. The services were transferred from the temple, which remained at the disposal of the new church structure, to the living room, with the prospect of moving over time to a separate house.

“Everything is in order at the parish, we have purchased everything necessary for the service and are praying,” said archpriest Ihor Margita.

At his first parish in the village of Hrybovytsya, services are performed in Ukrainian. After being appointed to Topylyshche, the priest and regent had to switch to Church Slavonic liturgical literature – in accordance with the preferences of the Orthodox St. Michael’s community.

The UOC community in Topylyshche continues its activities, despite the loss of the church and the re-registration of statutory documents in favor of the OCU, carried out by order of the regional authorities on May 8, 2019.

The Kyiv Patriarchate seized the Holy Protection church of the UOC in the village of Hrybovytsya at the end of 2015, as a result of which the community had to transfer services to the priest’s house. Less than two years later, on August 6, 2017, this UOC community prayed at the first liturgy in a new church built on the piece of land owned by father Ihor. Two and a half months later, activists of the Kyiv Patriarchate, having entered the church house, forced the abbot’s family to move out of it. The priest did not leave his church and parish, and recently he has been serving in two villages of the Ivanychy region.

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